Happy Holi Wishing Script Free Download 2023

Friends, first of all, those people who do not know about Happy Holi Wishing Script, let me tell all those people about Happy Holi 2023 Wishing Viral Script Free Download, that this is a type of wishing website, through which you can wish with a special message. Can wish anyone!

This is an already fully installed website! In which there is a special message, to whom we send it, they send it through the link of this Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script Free Download! When he opens it, he is first asked to enter his name, after that the message is automatically created in his name and he also forwards the message created in his name, so that without calling anyone special The wish of the day is granted.

Friends, if you went to the Happy Holi Wishing Script Free Download website, it is also very important to know about how money is earned from it! Friends, you can earn money by placing advertisements on this website, inside this Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script website, you can use any Ad Network and can earn a lot of money by placing advertisements! The best Ad Network till now is Google’s AdSense Program which is the most trusted and highest-paying Ad Network company.

The requirement for Happy Holi Wishing Script

Friends, first of all, we know how you can create a Happy Holi Wishing Script website and you do not need much of this to earn money! First of all, you need a Happy Holi Wishing Script Download! With the help of this we make the Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script website

After that, you need a blogger account on which you will install your website, ie on which we will create Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script! After this, you need a cheap Domain Name, which will be the address of your website. You need an AdSense account, with the help of which you will be able to place AdSense ads on your website. If this does not happen, then your own website will need some other good Ads Network, if you do not know which is the best Ads Network for Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script, then click here.

Happy Holi Script Best Features

AdSense Friendly

By the way, friends, it can be a bit risky to put Google AdSense ads in it, because according to AdSense’s policy, you cannot put Google AdSense ads on the Wishing Script website! That’s why you can use any other ad network Other Ads Network Details Here, you can earn many times more money than Ads by using Amazon’s Affiliate Ads.

Mobile Friendly

Friends, this Happy Holi Wishing Viral Website opens easily on your phone, it automatically adjusts for all types of mobile phones, which makes this script look even more awesome or good!

Fast Loading

This Happy Holi Wishing Website is very lightweight and its loading speed is very fast, due to which the user does not get irritated much and it loads easily even when the internet speed of the mobile is low!

Fully Customized

This wishing script is already completely customized, you will not see any bug in it, friends, it has been customized in such a way that it makes you very attractive!

SEO Optimized

This Happy Holi Wishing Viral website is completely SEO Optimized, if you have customized this website well, then your website can easily rank inside Google!

Blogger Script

Friends, the Wishing Script we have given you is only for Blogger and along with this we have also given you the best script for PHP, the brothers who do not want to spend much money can easily use Blogger for free. You can create your Wishing Website!

WhatsApp Share

Friends, this type of Wishing Script is mostly shared on WhatsApp, so in this, we have given WhatsApp Share Button, so that people can easily share it on WhatsApp so that it can become viral as soon as possible and You can earn money from this.

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All Ads Supported

Friends, this wishing script has been made in such a way that you can easily place ads of any Ads Network in it, after placing the ads, ads will appear immediately in this script.

Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script Free Download

Friends, I am giving the download link of the premium Happy Holi Wishing Script to all of you, which is absolutely free. You can download it by clicking on the download button below, which is available for free for you.


we have given Happy Holi Wishing Script, After installing it in your blogger, you can earn money by making it viral on WhatsApp, friends, all of you also get Holi music in this! To whomever you send this Wishing message, then after that a Holi music will start playing automatically, which makes your Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script Free Download even better.

How to Create Happy Holi Wishing Website

Friends, let’s know how you make a Wishes Website, look at it very carefully, you can make it very easily by yourself, below you have been told step by step all the ways, which you can see You can make Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script Free Download.

Step 1

Friends, first of all we have to create a blog, for which we have to go to Google and search Blogger.com or you can open it by clicking here!

Step 2

After that friends, all of you have to give a title and after that you put your blog address in the address and then click on the option of Create!

Step 3

After this friends, all of you have to click on the Theme option and after that you have to open it by clicking on Edit HTML and after selecting all the code given to you, delete it, now you have been given by me. After opening the script, copy all the code from it and paste it in Edit HTML and save it.

Step 4

After this, friends, you have to click on the setting option and after that a popup will appear in front of you, then you have to click on No Show desktop theme on mobile devices and after that you have to save by clicking on the Save option.

Step 5

After that friends, all of you have to click on the Revert to Classic themes option and after that you have to click on off and save it.

Step 6

After this friends, you have to do an important work, first of all you have to click on the Theme option and go to Edit HTML and click somewhere and press ctrl+F on your keyboard, a box-like option will open in front of you, in which you Write that https://Yourwebsite. com and enter now you will see https://Yourwebsite.com will be written, in place of which you have to give the link of your Wishing Script and save it.

After that friends, all of you will have to search again, instead of Ad Code Enter Here, you have to paste the Ad Code of your AdSense or any other Ad Network that you want to use. Friends, you have to paste this Wishing Script Wherever you see Ad Code Enter Here, you have to change it with your Ads Code! Wherever you want to advertise, paste the Ads Code and save it.

Friends, you have to edit the code very carefully, if there is even a single code here and there, then your website will not open, so you have to edit very carefully.

Step 7

Now your Happy Holi Wishing Viral Script Free Download website is completely ready, you can see your website by clicking on View Blog and make it viral by sharing it on WhatsApp and friends if once your website is viral If you go, you cannot even imagine how much you can earn.


In this post, I have told you the complete information about Happy Holi 2023 Wishing Viral Script Free Download Step By Step, so I hope friends that you would have liked this article Happy Holi Wishing Script Free Download written by me, then please share it with your friends. Share with friends as much as possible on all social media networks, and if you are facing any problem, then you can tell us in the comment box below, I will definitely help you, thank you.

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