Pubg 4 Finger Claw Layout Code | 4 Finger Claw Setup

Pubg 4 Finger Claw Layout: In this post/article I will tell you how to Setup 4 Finger Claw Setup, So if want to know Pubg 4 Finger Claw Layout Code Read Full this Article “best sensitivity for Pubg mobile” carefully.

Pubg Players can alter the layout mentioned according to their preference and the Mobile device, as the choice of controls is heavily influenced by this. Also, for this layout Code, players would have to enable the ‘Peek & Fire’ and ‘Peek & Open Scope’ in the settings. These will help them shoot foes while taking cover in the Pubg mobile.

Pubg 4 Finger Flaw Layout Code 2024

Dear Friends, now I will give you the best of the best Pubg Mobile 4 finger claw layout code for free, this is The best layout is the one with which you are enjoyable, which varies from player to player.

  • 1 layout – 6960-4924-2503-3286-001
  • 2 Layout – 6937-0873-9032-6996-799
  • 3 Layout – 6983-8751-8276-6070-668

4 Finger Claw Setup (non-gyro)

Here, are some best of the best 4-finger claw set-up non-gyroscope code 2024.

1st Person no Scope: 100%

3rd Person no Scope: 125%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 60

2x: 36%

3x: 27%

4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 17%

6x: 14%

8x: 12%

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