Paytm Loan App | How to get a Loan from Paytm Loan App

Today’s article explains how to apply for a loan through the Paytm App, how much money you will receive from Paytm, the interest rate that will be applied to a Paytm Personal Loan, and how to get in touch with Paytm. This article has all the information you need. Reading this article will therefore provide detailed information on Paytm App Loan.

Paytm Loan App Download

The Paytm App is incredibly simple to download. To find the Paytm App, go to the Play Store and type it in the search bar. Following that, you will see this app, download it, and use it to obtain a loan effortlessly.

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How to Apply for a Paytm Loan

You must first open a Paytm Bank Account in order to borrow money from them. This is simple to manufacture. Go to the closest cybercafé after creating a Paytm Bank Account to finish the Paytm KYC process. You can then apply for a loan through Paytm. After that, you are obtaining a Paytm loan will be simple.

Apply Code: 7705032620

For the convenience of its users, Paytm developed Paytm Payment Bank. At the moment, Paytm Payment Bank has secured an agreement with

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Eligibility for the loan from Paytm

If you’ve made the decision to borrow money through Paytm, you should be aware of the requirements to be eligible for a loan through this application. Only if you qualify for a loan can you use this application to request one. The eligibility requirements for Paytm loans are listed below.

Only Indian citizens are eligible to apply for loans through the Paytm app; otherwise, you cannot.

Only those between the ages of 25 and 60 can get loans via Paytm.

Required document for taking a loan from Paytm

The following documents are required for taking a loan on Paytm.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Current Bank Account
  • Mobile number

Charges related to Paytm Loans

  • Processing fee inclusive of GST
  • Late Payment Fees – If EMI is not paid on time
  • Bounce Charge

Paytm Contact Details & Customer Care Number

Helpline Number
(Contact Number)
Email Id[email protected]
Official Website
AddressOne-97 Communications Limited, B 121,
Sector-5 Noida – 201301, India

Paytm Loan’s FAQ

1. Which loans can be taken from Paytm?

You can get Personal Loans, Home Loans from Paytm.

2. How much loan can you get on Paytm?

You can get a home loan of up to 2 lakh rupees on Paytm.

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