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Manipur Lottery Result Today of Singam Lottery 12:00 PM Morning, 4:00 PM Day, and 7:00 PM Evening / Night Live Manipur Lottery on

Today’s Result

Manipur Lottery Timetable

Draw Day11:00 AM Morning3:00 PM Day7:00 PM Evening
MondaySingam TagetesSingam FoxgloveSingam Candytuft
TuesdaySingam HeleniumSingam WedeliaSingam Kalmia
WednesdaySingam AnemoneSingam SedumSingam Dahlia
ThursdaySingam GerberaSingam EchiumSingam Ursinia
FridaySingam VerbenaSingam NepetaSingam Nemesia
SaturdaySingam AlyssumSingam HonestySingam Freesia
SundaySingam BegoniaSingam VincaSingam Flumeia
Manipur Lottery Result

Manipur Lottery Result Prize

RankNo. of PrizesPrize Amount (in ₹)Match to Win
11₹27 Lakh1 x eight-digit number (single series)
Cons300₹10,000/-1 x five-digit number (all remaining series)
23,000₹5,000/-10 x five-digit numbers (all series)
33,000₹1,000/-10 x five-digit numbers (all series)
43,000₹700/-10 x five-digit numbers (all series)
530,000₹500/-100 x four-digit numbers (all series)
Manipur Lottery Result

Old Manipur Lottery Result

February 2024

11:00 AM12:00 PM04:00 PM07:00 PM09:00 PM
21 February21 February21 February21 February21 February
20 February20 February20 February20 February20 February
19 February19 February19 February19 February19 February
18 February18 February18 February18 February18 February
14 February14 February14 February14 February14 February
13 February13 February13 February13 February13 February
12 February12 February12 February12 February12 February
11 February11 February11 February11 February11 February
10 February10 February10 February10 February10 February
9 February9 February9 February9 February9 February
8 February8 February8 February8 February8 February
7 February7 February7 February7 February7 February
6 February6 February6 February6 February6 February
5 February5 February5 February5 February5 February
2 February2 February2 February2 February2 February
1 February1 February1 February1 February1 February

January 2024

11:00 AM12:00 PM04:00 PM07:00 PM09:00 PM
30 January30 January30 January30 January30 January
29 January29 January29 January29 January29 January
28 January28 January28 January28 January28 January
27 January27 January27 January27 January27 January
25 January25 January25 January25 January25 January
24 January24 January24 January24 January24 January
23 January23 January23 January23 January23 January
22 January22 January22 January22 January22 January
21 January21 January21 January21 January21 January
20 January20 January20 January20 January20 January
14 January14 January14 January14 January14 January
13 January13 January13 January13 January13 January
12 January12 January12 January12 January12 January
11 January11 January11 January11 January11 January
10 January10 January10 January10 January10 January
9 January9 January9 January9 January9 January
8 January8 January8 January8 January8 January
7 January7 January7 January7 January7 January
6 January6 January6 January6 January6 January
5 January5 January5 January5 January5 January
4 January4 January4 January4 January4 January
3 January3 January3 January3 January3 January
2 January2 January2 January2 January2 January
1 January1 January1 January1 January1 January

About Manipur Lottery

Manipur State Lottery’s Singam daily draws are conducted three times a day at 12:00 PM Morning, 4:00 PM Day, and 7:00 PM Evening. The ticket cost is Rs. 6 with the jackpot prize being Rs 27 Lakh/- (including Super Prize Amt).

The tickets can be purchased offline from authorized retailers. The ticket number starts with two digits from 70 to 90, which is followed by a letter from A to K and together they form the ticket series. The ticket series will be then followed by a five-digit number between 00000 to 99999. For example 72G 55323. To win the jackpot prize all the numbers must match the combination.