How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval?

How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval in 2021? – Friends There are thousands of YouTube channels, Websites, and Applications in the World. there are many people who are earning money online through Google AdSense. Again, many people are not able to. There are very various reasons he did not get AdSense approval. Many people are trying many times to get his google Adsense account approved but he always fails to approve him. 

So, In this article, I will tell you about How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval? so read this full article carefully and just apply my methods and getting approved for your Adsense account.
How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval
How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval?
Friends, Google has not to Mention traffic-related rules. So If you want to get Adsense approval for your website tries the following method below.
1. High-Value Content
You Must Write or Create A Best of Best High-Quality Content. Never post copy-paste content on your website because Google does not add low-value content. 
Friends Now first we need to understand Whats is High-Value Content
try to write searchable topic content of more than 1500++ words in the article and use 2 to 3 Images in A Article. If you want to get quick Adsense approval on your website you will write maximum 30+ post in 30days, it means 1 post per days. 
2. Create Important Pages
You must have to create some important pages on your website like Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, and Sitemap. These five pages are very important for getting approved a Google Adsense account fastly.
You must write full details about your website on the about us page and give your contact details on the contact us page to someone contact you easily. 
On the privacy policy page you must describe to users privacy-related safety and if you did not write a privacy policy Article then click here to generate a Privacy Policy Content.
3. Traffic (Visitors) Required
If you want to get AdSense approval on your website for the first time you should have minimum daily organic traffic on your website 100-200
Friends, if your Adsense account approval without any website traffic also then also you will not generate any earning because AdSense will not pay you to post an article or showing Adsense ads on your website, Adsense pays you when your website has some organic traffic and someone clicks on Adsense ads. 
So I think please don’t focus on getting AdSense approval, focus on getting a huge amount of traffic to your website.
4. Don’t Do Copy-Paste
You must not have copied your articles, videos, images, and any other content from others. 
Write A Unique Article written by you.
Most Bloggers don’t get Adsense approval because he posts only copy-paste content post on his blog.
5. Use Best Hosting
When your website speeds are slow and do not load fast then you will not able to get AdSense approval because Website Speed must matter to rank your Article in google and make it users friendly. 
So use the best hosting for your website to get the best performance.
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How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval?
Friends, In this article, I told you with full explain How Much Traffic Required For AdSense Approval?
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